Increasing Your Vertical

Vertical. Its one of the most coveted traits of athletes everywhere. Having a good vertical has so many benefits, but many people do not know how to properly train for a bigger vertical leap. Here I will tell you how to gain some inches.


The most important part of increasing your vertical is proper exercise. You need to do power exercise that really force you to use max effort to complete. None of those 20 repetition exercises. That wont help you at all. You need to force your muscles to get bigger and jump with more force. The best exercise of all time for increasing vertical is squatting. And squatting heavy. No weak stuff. Im talking heavy weight, low reps. You should be struggling to get the weight up and down. Not, hurting yourself, but a good heavy weight. When you squat, remember that you are training yourself to jump higher. This means that you go nice and easy on the way down, and EXPLODE on the way up, forcing your muscles to exert more force. Jumping is all about fast twitch muscles, so those who jump higher, jump faster. Remember to round our your training with some calf, hip flexor, and hamstring exercises.


This is really important! If you have too much dead weight (fat) you will not gain as many inches as you can. You must eat healthy to give your muscles proper growth and support and keep your body fat % down.


There are a lot of programs out there. I personally dont think that it is completely necessary to go on a program to gain vertical, but it can make it much simpler as you would not have to figure out a routine for yourself. But, if you want a good program I recommend BoingVert. I have done BoingVerts program (which consists of heavy squatting and deadlifting) for about 6 weeks now, and have taken my vertical from 24.5 inches (standing vert) to 34 inches. Thats some serious gains! Highly recommend this program if you are interested in getting one.


One last thing, this isnt everything, but it will help to have good jumping form. Look up some videos on youtube of vertical leap form. It helps.

So, you want to have a great vertical? Its very simple.

Get on a program (or do the research and make your own)

Eat right

Work your butt off!

Thats it! Get lifting!

5 Most Effective Methods For Weight Loss!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots by Eating Just the Right Foods: Is it possible?

This diet claims that there are two types of hormones released by the body. One type of hormone actually is designed to burn fat and the second hormone is for storing fat. Your food will decide which hormone will act. So if you eat foods that will trigger the hormone for weight loss, you will lose weight and fat. If you eat foods that support fat storage you will become fatter.

Another basis for this diet is confusing your metabolic system. Fat Loss 4 Idiots claims that your metabolic system decides the rate at which it is going to burn fat depending on the foods you have eaten for past few days. So when you confuse the system, fat loss happens faster. Not just the simple fat loss, the diet you are going to be prescribed with contains different calorie count each day. Fat loss will be to the extent that not just the new fat, you will find fat tissues going away.

iTrain Workout Programs: This is one fabulous site for all those who want to lose weight and get into better shape. Specialty of this program is that it has more than 250 different types of workouts in its database. This program provides both types of programs for weight loss as well as for body training, muscle building, muscle toning, etc. Here you will find a variety of absolutely affordable programs, which simply need to be downloaded. Each program is reasonably priced and you will receive the audio or video along with motivating music and tips from world renowned experts.

Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets: The pictures here of living organisms inside your body are nothing less than repulsive. However, what is more disturbing is that the author claims these living organisms live inside of your body and cause you much harm in short term as well as long term. If you were thinking your body is spic and span inside you could be mistaken with the evidence that is provided here. Here it is claimed that not just what you eat, rather all these organisms inside your body make your body heavier and larger. These also make it difficult for you to lose weight.

Master Cleanse Diet Secrets: Everyone at some point or the other has come across the Master Cleanse diet and everyone is aware though there are tons of advantages of this diet there are very less numbers of people who complete this diet successfully.

This program will give people lists of foods that can be safely eaten during the Master cleanse diet program and which will not affect the results from this program.

You will lead an almost normal life during this program and still complete your Master cleanse successfully.

Nutritional Science Laboratories: This is where you will find nutritional diet supplements. As claimed by the manufacturer these supplements are designed from 100% natural ingredients. These supplements accelerate your weight loss process and also help you get in a better shape than any other. These supplements could also be beneficial for you in the long run because these are created by using ingredients like the green tea, almonds, etc.

Hope this information helps you make a choice of the weight loss and diet program that suits you the best.